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Obvious invitation to sex or misunderstanding?

Everyone of you probably knows this sentence. The first date is coming to an end, as a gentleman you naturally bring the lady home to the front door. You say goodbye and then she says the magic sentence ... 'So, do you want to come up with me?'

A friend of mine recently said that this was an obvious invitation from a woman to have sex. I've been told this sentence many times, but I've never had sex after the first date. I really never thought anything of it and was always very decent when I was invited into a woman's apartment. Was I always too decent and never noticed that she wanted more?
Is this a kind of unwritten law for you women to signal that you want sex? As a man, can I assume that a woman want to go to bed with me if I hear this sentence on the first date? Does she really only want sex from me when she invites me to her home?

But now I'm looking forward to the answers, especially from the women's point of view. Because my assumption does not come from me as a man, that is the statement of a woman!