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Is really completely free of charge or are areas of the site subject to charges? is absolutely free. All services such as the sending of messages, chat, picture voting and the guest book can be used completely free of charge without any costs or fees.

Registration & Activation

I registered but can't log in?

Before you can log in, your account must be activated. For this you received an email with an activation link after your registration. You have to click on this to activate your account. Only then is it possible to log in to our website.

I haven't received an email to activate my account?

If you have not received an activation email, please check the local spam filter of your email program and the spam filter of your email provider and add our sender address to your whitelist so that it will continue to do so in the future Receive notifications from us.

How can I receive the activation email again?

To receive the activation email again, please go to this page and enter the email address you used when you registered. Then check your e-mails and confirm your registration by clicking on the activation link. Please make sure that the activation link in your e-mail program is not broken. If this is the case, please copy the complete link manually into the address bar of your browser and confirm it with Enter.

Members Area

Sending messages

What do the symbols (envelope, triangles) mean that appear with every message in my inbox?

  • A closed envelope (bold) indicates that this message has not yet been read.
  • An open envelope indicates that this message has been read by the recipient.
  • The red triangle indicates that the message is outgoing / sent by you.
  • The green triangle signals that it is an incoming message / message that you received.


I only want to be able to receive messages from certain people. Is this possible?

Yes, you can change this in your control center under Settings.


Despite the FAQ, do I still have an unanswered question?

You can contact us at any time and send us a message. We are glad to help you!

I like! Can I support your free dating site?

Yes, you can send us a donation quickly, securely and free of charge via PayPal. With this you contribute to the further development of freshSingle.