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Wongthomas96 is a man currently single and looking for a date partner. He is 62 years old and a user of our free dating site. Meet wongthomas96 or find other singles from Sacramento, United States on freshSingle - your 100% free online dating service.
Hi, I am
wongthomas96 male
62 years
Relationship status
I'm looking for
Eye color
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5'11" / 182 cm
I don't want to say
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About me
How about for a change before I list off all the fantastic things about myself that make me such a 'great catch', I tell you everything about me that aren't so great
that way if you can't handle them, you know not to keep reading? Sound good? Y'all tucked in? Yea ... here we go ... (props if you got the reference).

I work A LOT. There have been points where I will work 40+ days in a row, and/or 80+ hour weeks. I have spent 36+ hours straight at the office. I work a lot of late nights and weekends. I do this because I really do love working. I enjoy doing things that make me feel accomplished and I enjoy being around those who I work with
yeah, sure, they aren't there as early as I come in, as late as I stay, or on weekends, so that is when the pure joy of working is why I am there. Will this always be the case for me? I really don't know. I hope not, I would love to find someone/something that gives me the reason to want to leave the office, but right now, I haven't found him/her/it and take pleasure in doing my job. For me right now, the job takes first priority
if something is going wrong and I'm not there
I go in. I have lost vacation days every year because I don't take them
I have taken three sick days in the last decade because I was forced to (boss found out I had Strep Throat and she was pregnant at the time). For those who might be wondering 'so what the hell is it that you do that you enjoy so much? '
I am an engineer
Who I am looking for
An honest woman with good family values, loving, caring and God fearing ... someone i can call my own forever ... go to the beach holding hands, the cinema and camping if she wants ... someone i can show true love still existed ... the woman i can wake up next to and cuddle all night long ...
What's important for me
I don't want to answer this what's important in a relationship on a dating site. Just send me a flirt mail ✉️
What turns me on
I don't want to say that openly here. But you can write to me and I will tell you about my erotic preferences.
I'm looking for contact with women for
Dating & relationship
from the Sacramento area

My Passions

Hip hop, rap, r&b / soul
Interests & Hobbies
Being activ in sports, spending time at the computer
Favorite books
Reading a book in the evening is a witty thing for many people.
Favorite movies
Who doesn't like to go to the cinema to watch schmaltzy love movies to cry 😊 Do you want to know which movies I like besides love movies 😊 just write to me to find out! What are your favorite movies?
Favorite TV shows
television is truly relaxing, but the TV program is quite not the decisive factor for me to find a partner.
Where you can meet me in Sacramento
I'll tell you this at the first meeting!

Education and Origin

Bachelor's degree
Maintenance / buildings & grounds
White / Caucasian
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