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Jaysky45 is a man currently single and looking for a date partner. He is 56 years old and a user of our free dating site. Meet jaysky45 or find other singles from Wolverhampton, United Kingdom on freshSingle - your 100% free online dating service.
Hi, I am
jaysky45 male
56 years
Relationship status
I'm looking for
Eye color
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5'8" / 173 cm
I don't want to say
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Below you can see jaysky45's personal ad from Wolverhampton. He is looking for singles from Wolverhampton and the surrounding area in the category man seeking woman. Find your perfect match today! We help you to find true love online for free.
That's me
I am emotionally, very young for my age and have no plans on growing old gracefully. I am very active, I enjoy boating, fishing, rollerblading, snow-skiing, traveling, candlelight dinners on the beach, good food, fine wine,

Broadway plays and family. I have traveled around the world and had some exciting adventures. I am honest. I try to surround myself with positive personalities and intellectuals and there is nothing I enjoy more than

conversation with friends. Although I enjoy spontaneity and love surprises and i am understanding and open to all topics. I appreciate simple things that mean a lot. I am comfortable in my own skin and I like to be with

others who are comfortable in theirs. I like real people who are honest and fun. I am very reserved and fun. I am one of the good guys
in this world and you should love that! I also have a off the dial personality it's the thing I am always remembered for. Easy going and easy to get along with. I do not sweat the little things in life. I have a funny and happy

personality, and a great sense of humor. honest and loving and a soft touch ( and humble too lol) I love traveling and shopping and giving my best to others. I am too extrovert and very heart felt kind of person, loving,

creative, musical and artsy, colorful, off-beat, organized, smart, silly, out-going, friendly, real and fun to be around ... and quite entertaining, caring, compassionate, passionate and a amazing man.
What I'm looking for
Someone who is sincere, intelligent, sensitive, open minded, laid back, confident and generous, with a great sense of humor. She is sensual and enjoys cuddling. Her friends adore her, and she is

generally described as reliable, trustworthy and a good woman. She values friendship, family and commitments. she is an explorer with a passion for life and new experiences, always willing to grow and learn more. It

is important that she be ready and willing to put in the time and energy required to make a relationship work. Good potential for forming a friendship. I especially dislike sounding superficial, nevertheless. Someone who

is considerate, well balanced and easy to talk to, a unique individual style, warm, patient and easy-going ... Interested in traveling and fun. Someone with positive personalities and intellectuals. Someone that is loving,

caring and family oriented. Someone that likes to go out for a quiet romantic dinner, brings me joy and happiness, Someone to share a beautiful sunny day as we walk along the canal. Someone to grow old with as a

friend and could give me an advice and share the joys and difficulties of life. A good heart is everything to me. I believe that what you put out in this world is what you get back!
What's important for me
I don't want to answer this in a personal ad what is important to me in a relationship. Just write me a flirt mail ✉️
That turns me on
Does this matter if you want to find someone on the internet? I'm only telling you personally❗️ Anyway, I'm looking for true love. and you?
I want to get to know singles from Wolverhampton for
Dating & relationship

My Passions

Hip hop, jazz, country, r&b / soul
Interests & Hobbies
Spending free time with friends, go on vacation, art / creative working, baking
Football, tennis, golf
Favorite books
We should read a good book regularly. Do I actually have time to read a lot as a single? Just write me a line and ask me about my reading habits.
Favorite movies
Watching good movies in intimate togetherness is much nicer than alone, isn't it? Pure romance ... Do you want to know what kind of movies I'm into besides love stories 😉 just ask me! What are your favorite movies?
Favorite TV shows
Do I like to spend my evenings alone in front of the TV? Just ask me!
Favorite places where you can find me in Wolverhampton
I currently live in Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton. I won't tell you here where you can date me in person.

That's What Sets Me Apart

Bachelor's degree
Communications / telecom
Hispanic / Latino
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