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Cooldave157 is a man currently single and looking for a date partner. He is 59 years old and a user of our free dating site. Meet cooldave157 or find other singles from Tacoma, United States on freshSingle - your 100% free online dating service.
Hi, I am
cooldave157 male
59 years
Relationship status
I'm looking for
Eye color
Hair color
I don't want to say
5'1" / 155 cm
168 lbs / 76 kg
Body type
Zodiac sign

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Below you can see cooldave157's personal ad from Tacoma. He is looking for singles from Tacoma and the surrounding area in the category man seeking woman. Find your perfect match today! We help you to find true love online for free.
About me
I'm laid back, affectionate, open to new fun and looking for new things to try out. I'd like to meet new people and gain new perspectives. I've learned that new people teach you new things along the way. You can't live in the past and you can only hope for a bright future. You bring both good and bad things to yourself depending on your attitude. I would like to thank the people who have been part of my life in the last year for showing me that I can live and love again even though my original dreams are gone. Screw the people who thought they could screw me! They are no longer worth my time or energy. I want to enjoy my time on this planet and look back and be proud that not only did I survive, but I had a wonderful ride along the way ... I like to go to the mountains and get lost along the way. I love to shoot pool, go bowling, play poker, watching football, ... I don't pretend to know what love is for everyone, but I can tell you what it is for me; love is knowing all about someone, and still wanting to be with them more than any other person, love is trusting them enough to tell them everything about yourself, including the things you might be ashamed of, love is feeling comfortable and safe with someone, but still getting weak knees when they walk into a room and smile at you. If someone says I love you and doesnt show it, it kinda really means nothing when they show disrespect and treat you differently than what they say. Its the things you do and the way you act and treat a person that really does speak louder than words. Just even the littlest thing you can do will tell someone I love you, without saying it.
Who I am looking for
I would like to meet people with similar interests who don't want to play games. I need to surround myself with people who have a positive outlook on life this time. I am tired of dealing with takers. If you take but can't give something back then don't bother contacting me.
What is important to me
As a single one certainly have different views on what is important to yourself. In a serious relationship, characteristics such as romance, open-mindedness and charm are meaningful to me.
That makes me hot
I may have special erotic likes or dislikes, but I won't tell everyone! If you want to know more, send me a free private message!
I'm looking for singles for
Dating & relationship
Meet friends & find new friendships
I just want to look around
from Tacoma and the surrounding area

My Interests

Pop / rock, hip hop, country, r&b / soul, reggae
Literature, going to cinema, sports, take a rest, listen songs, cooking
Football, soccer, bowling, swimming, skiing, tennis
Favorite books
We should read books regularly. Whether I really have time to read a lot as a single? Just drop me a message and ask me.
Favorite movies
Watching a movie together is so wonderful :) Which good movies I like? I'm just telling you personally which movies I like.
Favorite TV shows
Isn't it a good topic while getting to know each other on a first date? What would you say if I tell you this on our first date?
Where you can meet me in Tacoma
Where you can meet me, I will not make public on a online dating site. But you can ask me!

That's What Sets Me Apart

Bachelor's degree
Retail / sales / marketing
Speaking languages contributes to communication with the partner, but I don't want to say too much about myself in an international dating site.
Is it important for dating that you know my origin? Just send me a private message an I'll tell you.
cooldave157 is already a member of our free dating service and he is looking for a female partner - Man Seeking Woman. He comes from Tacoma and is currently single. Here you can find more Singles from Tacoma, Washington, United States for dating. If you want to send cooldave157 a free message now to flirt with him, just register here.