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Bob32199 is a man currently single and looking for a date partner. He is 61 years old and a user of our free dating site. Meet Bob32199 or find other singles from Bristol, United Kingdom on freshSingle - your 100% free online dating service.
Hi, I am
Bob32199 male
61 years
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6'0" / 183 cm
201 lbs / 91 kg
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About myself
About me ... well in a nut shell I would describe myself as a genuine, honest down to earth, athletic outdoorsy guy, who can be affectionate but not meek, above all loyal, truthful, spontaneous, adventurous, fun and exciting. I would consider myself pretty intelligent but I can have the occasional lapse like everyone. I have quite a dry sense of humour, randomly funny and at times can be the prankster but nothing too bad…honest! That said what you see is generally what you get with me, will openly speak my own mind, but be serious when the time dictates and be calm and reflective.

I have been focussed on my career for a while but I have come to realise it is not everything! I am committed and ambitious both inside and out of work and so long as I can maintain my lifestyle, stay healthy, have fun and do what I want when I like, should the opportunities arise that’s all I can ask. You have to make the most of today and no-one but you is going to put it on a plate, I want to try everything before my time is up, even the things that scare me to death ... I’ve done a few of those now so by my reckoning my chances of survival must be improving!

Travelling abroad has been a regular part of my life; both personally and as part of my work. I enjoy going to new countries and meeting new people, experiencing different cultures, so much so I wouldn’t dismiss the idea of living in a different country for a few years if the time and conditions were right.
But from the experiences I’ve already had there is no place like home and would always return to the US. working right now

I’m a pretty average cook so don’t be expecting Jamie Oliver ... however I do have a few books and enjoy cooking new things and was taught the basics well, before refining them at uni ... so you may not starve altogether. I generally keep myself looking smart when I’m not doing sports, and can certainly scrub up when needed!

That’s probably enough of me for now, so if your interested to know more then don’t be shy
I'm looking for
Who am I looking for? Somebody that’s got a spark, unique in their own way but genuine with it, going to have similar interests to me but can open my eyes to something different, my hobbies are a big part of my life, so if I’m not at work I prefer to be active, buts that’s not to say I can't chill out and watch a good film, be creative in the home, or go out for social evenings and fine dining. That said I like to be outdoors - for example, I’m perfectly happy heading to the lakes, peaks, Scotland, Snowdonia…be it with tent camping for a few nights roughing it under the stars or in a nice cottage with a big roaring fire, I would just like somebody passionate to share those and other experiences with ...

I know friends and family need to play a big part in each others lives as they make you the person you are today, and so its just as equally important we can do things both together and independently too.
What's important for me
A lot in a relationship is important to me. Ask me or write me a message and I'll answer you.
For me, erotic means
What man has no interest in love and affection? However, I just want to tell you about my secret desires and feelings.
I'm looking for singles for
Dating & relationship
from the greater Bristol area

My Passions

Rap, jazz, country, house, r&b / soul, i love any cool music
Reading, sports, do nothing, listen songs, travel to other countries, cooking, i love going to beach with my love
Football, swimming, i love taking walk after work
Favorite books
Reading books is a great thing for many people. But I didn't feel like listing all of my favorite books here. If you want to know if I like to read books, just send a message and ask me.
Favorite movies
Watching love movies with a partner is super nice 😉 Which movies I like? I'm just telling you personally which romantic movies I like.
Favorite TV shows
television is truly a nice way to pass the time, but the TV program is quite not the decisive factor when looking for a partner.
Where can you meet me in Bristol
I love watching football mostly

What Sets Bob32199 Apart

Retail / sales / marketing
English, Spanish
White / Caucasian
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