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Thomas50 is a man currently single and looking for a date partner. He is 62 years old and a user of our free dating site. Meet Thomas50 or find other singles from Vancouver, Canada on freshSingle - your 100% free online dating service.
Hi, I am
Thomas50 male
62 years
Relationship status
I'm looking for
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Thomas50 Is Searching for a New Partner - Find True Love Online

Below you can see Thomas50's personal ad from Vancouver. He is looking for singles from Vancouver and the surrounding area in the category man seeking woman. Find your perfect match today! We help you to find true love online for free.
That's me
I am a single married before and now my wife is dead and i have only one son. i am caring and loving. i respect people no matter their class. I am a marine engineer i work in the ship and we are currently working on the high sea of Switzerland. My interests reading, cooking, dancing and traveling and i also love playing guitar in my spare times
What I'm looking for
The woman should be loving, fair, opened, should understand and respect our general opinion, a difficult minute it to support, appear anywhere. I trust that else there are presents the woman which not terribly to go in through fire and water, and I trust that we will find each other and we can make our future and happiness!
What is important to me
As a single you probably have different views on what is important to you. In a long-term relationship, however, things like romance, honesty and charm are meaningful to me.
I think that's pretty erotic
I think a lot of things are sexy about handsome women! But that's nobody's business!
I'm looking for people for
Dating & relationship
from Vancouver and the surrounding area

My Passions

R&b / soul, reggae
Interests & Hobbies
Play an instrument, sports
Favorite books
Singles who enjoy reading books are smart and clever. Please ask me personally whether I really have time to read in my spare time.
Favorite movies
Watching good movies together with my partner is just a lot nicer than alone 😊 I'll tell you on a first casual meeting which good movies you can watch with me together.
Favorite TV shows
TV is a good way to take your mind off from everyday life, but the TV program is truly not the decisive factor when choosing a partner.
Favorite places to meet me in Vancouver
I currently live in Vancouver, exact details about the places where you can date me are too confidential to be made public in personals.

Education and Profession

I will just tell you in person about my personal career. Maybe you send me a free message?
To have work is essential but I don't want to trust a dating site with this information. Just ask me and I'll tell you.
Is it important for dating that you know my origin? Just send me a message an I'll tell you.
Thomas50 is a member of our free online dating site and he is looking for a female partner - Man Seeking Woman. He comes from Vancouver and is currently single. On you can find more Singles from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada for dating. If you want to send Thomas50 a free flirt message right now, all you have to do is sign up here.