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Hi, I am
Prutier4u male
44 years
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5'6" / 168 cm
130 lbs / 59 kg
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Prutier4u Is Looking for a Partner: Man Seeking Man

Below you can see Prutier4u's personal ad from Tuscaloosa. He is looking for singles from Tuscaloosa and the surrounding area in the category man seeking man. Find your perfect match today! We help you to find true love online for free.
About me
Currently my childhood dream has come true. I have always dreamt to work with children, and now I have a wonderful job that satisfies me absolutely and brings me much pleasure. I am a governess. I would even say a nanny for one very nice kid. Spending time in their family I felt sharply that I want to have my own family as soon as possible. I am a well-balanced, sunny, pleasant, feminine, genuine and kind-hearted woman who loves to help and care and who dreams to love unconditionally.
What I'm looking for
I will be happy to meet the one who is ready to build a relationship on the basis of love, trust, care and mutual understanding. Love is a precious gift that only genuine and self-efficient people can appreciate. And I want to find exactly such type of a man.
What's important for me
Important things to me : What is important for me in life?
Connecting with others is as important as connecting with one's own self because we learn about life through our relationships with others. At regular intervals, it is important to keep reinventing oneself, giving up things and even people who are holding us back from growing and from achieving the purpose of life

Important things to me in a relationship : Trust In Each Other. Having trust in a relationship signals longevity and permanence

Important thing in life general : Friends are a vital part of our existence and happiness. They are people that can share the best parts of your life with you.
I think that's hot
Some of the most commonly things turn-offs : When a person smokes, when the other person is just not that into it, when there is a lack of respect for boundaries,
when a person's fingernails need trimming ...

Yes, I have sexual fantasies and kinks
Men from Tuscaloosa wanted for
Dating & relationship
Flirt & adventures
Meet friends & find new friendships

My Interests

Hip hop, rap, country, reggae
Interests & Hobbies
Play instruments, being activ in sports, outings with friends, relax and unwind, listen songs, traveling, spending time at the computer, bake cakes
Soccer, swimming, tennis
Favorite books
Don Quixote. By Miguel de Cervantes
Favorite movies
The Godfather (1972)
Favorite TV shows
Stranger Things (2016– )

The Walking Dead (2010–2022)
Where to meet me in Tuscaloosa
Bryant Denny Stadium, Arenas & Stadiums, Paul W. Bryant Museum,

Bars : Session Bar. 1.6 mi. Cocktail Bars, clubs : Rounders, discos : El Sol Club. 45.3 mi. Bars, Dance Clubs

Restaurants : Half Shell Oyster House of Tuscaloosa, cafes : Cottondale Texaco and Deli, shops : Pause Boutique.

What Sets Me Apart

Bachelor's degree
Food services / restaurant / catering
German, English
Native American
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