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Nickname: lolla101  
Country:  Canada
State/Region: not available
City: not available
Age: 37 years old
Marital status: Single
Searching: Men
Eye color: brown
Hair color: black 
Height: 5' 11" / 156 cm
Weight: 91 lb / 41 kg
Body type: slim
Online status: 

Who I am:

i am, a very beautiful lady with a very nice shape i am intelegent and stright forward and my hobbies are swimming dancing reading and playing voelley ball

Iīm looking for:

i am searching for a partner who is handsome loyal who have humansymparthy and also who knows how to take good care of his wife

Thatīs important for me:

zhjdfigjkghb hghkjfg gnhjkgb ihgikjlfg hgbijkfg hgoijgoijgh oihbgoijgf oihgoihjgf oihgoijgfb iohgoijfgb ihfoijofjtg oihfbgoijghb iohgoijfgh boifoijtgh oijhogijghb oijhghoijpgf oighoijlgpojfgh oifghoijghoijhg oijhgoijgh oijghoijghoijhg oijghoijhtgpojgh

What I particularly likes:

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Iīm searching people for:

Dating & Relationship



My Music:


My Interests:


My Sports:


Books I like:

uyriyhit boiutgyuoijrthy ijhotiujtrh iljtoyijthy ijthojthj flijthlortjh iljthlojht oijhopjfhb iljtoihjh biljhtogiljftjhht iljthijojhojhbiljhoijhb jhbopjrtpojh biojhtpojhb jhtoijfthbn ojfthpoljrthb iljfhoiljfyh oilytjhoiljtydhb

Movies I like:

uhytkjdfh uhfgkdikgh hjlkjifhn ihilkhjht ihtgiljh ihjhoijhtn htijrth ijhtoijtrhn ihilrth ihtiljdth ihrtoiljtrhn oihtroiljtrh oihtglijtrdoij ityhiuhgiuhty giuhdrtfiuhgiufn ihgiuhgiughf iuhgihigfhdiuhgf iuhgiuhiuhg dbiuhgihufg iuhihgf iuhgiuhgiuhgd

TV-Shows I like:

hgfkkgnkjnghb hgkhnklbn ikhgnbknfn kjhbngkjnbbkfn bhngkjnb ikhngkjnghgf kbhjnkgbnjbvf ihgnkjnhg bkjnhkjnhg bhkgkdgf hgkhgfn hnghkgf hgkhgf ihgoihfgoihgf ihgfoihgoingf bihoighnogf hfgoihfg hgfiukhg uhgfihfg vihgfoihgfn vihgoihgf ihgoihgfnhogofg

My favorite spots:

fguhigfuhibnfg iuhifghuifg ihugfihgf vhfgiuhoifgv ihugfihfgv iuhgfihugfv iuhgihufg ihgiuhfg viuhgihfgnbihgihgf ihgiuhfg ihufiog ihihugf ihighgf viifhgiuhfg ihigfuhfgbifguhiohugf ifguhiuhfg ivuhiuhgf iuhgihfg ihgfihugf viuhgfiuhgf fg

My Education:

Associate Degree

My Occupation:

donīt want to say

I speak:


My Origin:

donīt want to say


lolla101 already uses our Free Online Dating Service to meet singles on the Internet. She comes from Canada and she is looking for a male partner to date with. If you want to chat with lolla101 or send her a message free of charge, you have to sign up now here.
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