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Djelarson123 is a man currently single and looking for a date partner. He is 43 years old and a user of our free dating site. Meet djelarson123 or find other singles from Riverside, United States on freshSingle - your 100% free online dating service.
Hi, I am
djelarson123 male
43 years
Relationship status
I'm looking for
Eye color
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5'10" / 180 cm
134 lbs / 61 kg
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Zodiac sign

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Below you can see djelarson123's personal ad from Riverside. He is looking for singles from Riverside and the surrounding area in the category man seeking man. Find your perfect match today! We help you to find true love online for free.
Who I am
Non-judgmental communication skills, mutual love, mutual respect, mutual trust, openness, warmth, honesty, integrity and romance. Treat people with an utmost respect, attempt to understand one another, live life full of love, in its most exciting and purest form. Helping them with dignity and compassion. I believe in humanity even the most beautiful experiences come and go. Always live in the present moment. Life is GREAT! To find and meet true and honest people, knowing about each other and planning the unknown future as well My personality speaks more of what i should speak, and they love me for who i am. Being softhearted, very accommodating to a fault, and no going back attitude or never say never
Who I am looking for
Hmmmm not really, everything has to do with physical appearance and meet one one for the hook up, knowing each other create more time for respect and mutual connections As long as we are together i dont create any distraction between us. Just sitting next to him, listening to his voice and heart beat, talking and holding one another.
What's important for me
Singles should know what is important to them to yourself, but I don't want to write anything about that.
Erotic is for me
No question, in love it is important to know a man's sexual thoughts, but I do not want to reveal that to a free online dating site - the subject of eroticism and sex is too personal for me.
I want to get to know singles for
Dating & relationship
Meet friends & find new friendships
near Riverside

My Interests & Favorite Hobbies

Pop / rock, hip hop, rap, country, house, r&b / soul, Gospel, Christian, 60's, 70's, 80's
Reading, cinema, being activ in sporting activities, maintain friendships, relax and unwind, listen songs, traveling, arts & culture, surf the internet, kitchen work, Dancing, Reading, Shopping, Sightseeing
Football, soccer, squash, bowling, swimming, cycling, skiing, snowboarding, tennis, jogging, billiards
Favorite books
Fictions and Non Fiction, Romance, Novel, Magazine, Daily, Cosmopolitan, Biz, Sox magazine
Favorite movies
Thriller, Comedy, Horror, Action, Indian, Adventure, Documentary, Romance, Cartoons, Musical's
Favorite TV shows
Soup Oprah, News, Show Biz,
Where you can meet me in Riverside
Hockey, Golf, Rugby

What Sets Me Apart

High school
A job is essential but I don't trust a dating service with this information. Just ask me what I work!
White / Caucasian
djelarson123 is already a member of our free dating service and he is looking for a male partner. He comes from Riverside and is currently single. Here you can find more Singles from Riverside, California, United States for a date. If you want to send djelarson123 a free message now to meet him in the chat, all you have to do is sign up here.