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Christopher8531 is a man currently single and looking for a date partner. He is 40 years old and a user of our free dating site. Meet Christopher8531 or find other singles from Hamilton, Canada on freshSingle - your 100% free online dating service.
Hi, I am
Christopher8531 male
40 years
Relationship status
I'm looking for
Eye color
Hair color
6'0" / 183 cm
194 lbs / 88 kg
Body type
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Below you can see Christopher8531's personal ad from Hamilton. He is looking for singles from Hamilton and the surrounding area in the category man seeking woman. Find your perfect match today! We help you to find true love online for free.
My self-description
Im a small town guy that enjoys to have fun I'm just an average guy.
I work in construction and I would like a girl as a friend and a play mate and maybe eventually settle down and start a family ... When I'm not workin I enjoy goin for walks and hangin out with my friends
Who I am looking for
For a girl that wants to play and have fun and maybe take it further later on. I'm also lookin for a girl that is faithful and is a one guy girl and that respect me for me ... I am very faithful and I beleave that girls deserve respect and care and that's how I treat any girl I'm with ... I don't want no head games either
What's important for me
As a single you should know what is important to yourself, but I do not want to answer this in personals.
I think that's hot
No question, in love it's important to know the erotic fantasies and preferences of the flirt partner, but as a single I do not want to reveal my erotic tendencies to a free online dating site - the topic of eroticism and sex should remain private. But I'll tell you one-on-one in a personal conversation.
I'm looking for women for
Flirt & adventures
in my city Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Christopher8531's Special Interests

Pop / rock, hip hop, country, heavy metal
Do nothing, bake cakes
Jogging, darts, billiards
Favorite books
Browsing through a book in the evening is a great pastime for many people, especially when you're single. But do I enjoy reading books? Write to me and ask me.
Favorite movies
Watching schmaltzy love movies to cry together is much nicer than alone, isn't it? Oh, how romantic 😉 If you want to know what kind of movies I like besides love stories, just chat with me to find out! Which movies do you like the most?
Favorite TV shows
Do I like to spend my evening in front of the television? Well, I definitely don't like to watch alone!
Where you can find me in Hamilton
Sorry, but that's too private for me for a free dating site! I do not post on a dating site where you can address me in public.

That's What Sets Me Apart

High school
Having work and making money is essential but I don't want to entrust this information a online dating site. Just ask me and I'll tell you!
In an international dating site it is an asset to speak many languages, but I don't want to reveal which languages I speak besides English.
One shouldn't deny one's origin! I would be happy to tell you this in person.
Christopher8531 is a member of our free dating site and he is looking for a female partner - Man Seeking Woman. He comes from Hamilton and is currently single. On you can find more Singles from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada for a date. If you want to send Christopher8531 a free message now to meet him in the chat, all you have to do is sign up here.