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Nickname: Christinoa  
Country:  Canada
State/Region: British Columbia
City: Vancouver
Age: 55 years old
Marital status: Single
Searching: Men
Eye color: brown
Hair color: brown 
Height: 5' 64" / 172 cm
Weight: 149 lb / 67 kg
Body type: average
Online status: 

Who I am:

What I really like is having real conversations with interesting persons, especially if they disagree with me.

In 2nd place, there is eating, I love eating good unkown weird looking stuff.
No it didnt catch up to me yet, if you are asking, must be in my genes.

Then there is my humour or at least an attempt to it, but not everyone gets it but I dont mind laughing alone in my corner.

Must be my Parisian way, talking, eating and laughing.

I dont like being in a box, and always think outside of one. Rules are made to be broken sometimes, life is too short.

I dont know if I should state the obvious but I am quite spontaneous and I am not used to plan long in advance, I like the unexpected.

My accent is the 1st thing people notice when they meet me.
I can tell when people are privately playing the guessing game (where the heck is she from?) before asking me. They first look at my eyes, then my lips, because they figure that if they look at someone's lips, it is easier to understand them... wrong! If my lips moved the same way as yours do, i wouldn't have an accent.
When I am tired, tipsy, or mad (not frequently I like to add) it gets funnier...
You will figure it out if you meet me, not very late, not very drunk, and in a very good mood.

Im really good at :
-I make an awesome Tiramisu of course
-making ice cream by hand, the old fashion way no machine.
-spending time with myself, i never, never get bored
-clipping my pets' nails without getting hurt
-organizing stuff
-Jigsaw puzzles, the difficult ones where you don't know what the end product is going to be like. there are called wasgij, very tricky.
-Putting together furniture (IKEA)
-not procrastinating, ever
-camping, I go every summer for a couple of weeks. I make mean casseroles on the stove and can set up a tent alone in 15 minutes top.
-getting dirty in the outdoors, it's fun and it is only dirt.
-being spontaneous, I like surprises

Im looking for:

Contact me if :

-you are intelligent (big turn on), have an opinion and love to share it, especially if it is different from mine

-you are not a couch potato; I need to get fresh air once a while or cabin fever will catch up to me. You don't want to be near a French woman when she is bored...

-you are funny; but not the Jerry Lewis type, yes I know he is very popular in France but not with me, that's why I left

-you are not a finicky eater : it won't work for me because I like people who take chances (with their food or others) and go outside their comfortable zone, it is always more fun, especially with chicken feet in your plate

-you like pets ; if you freeze at the sight of a dog or touch it with the tip of your fingers to be polite in front of me, then you won't touch me either

-you are not shallow and do not care to prove anything by showing off. I like "simple" and get turn off by someone trying to impress others. You know, big car small "..." this type of thing.
I don't care how much money you make and don't want to know it. All I care is you being able to pay for your share if we go out, I am not a sugar mommy either.

So, after all that I might be lucky if 2 or 3 guys meet these conditions, i'd like to hear from them...

Thats important for me:

I was to lazy to answer this question.

What I particularly likes:

I was to lazy to answer this question.

Im searching people for:

Dating & Relationship



My Music:

I was to lazy to answer this question.

My Interests:

Literature & Books, Cinema, Wine & Dine, Listen Music, Traveling, Cooking

My Sports:

I was to lazy to answer this question.

Books I like:

I was to lazy to answer this question.

Movies I like:

I was to lazy to answer this question.

TV-Shows I like:

I was to lazy to answer this question.

My favorite spots:

I was to lazy to answer this question.

My Education:


My Occupation:

Travel / Recreation / Hospitality

I speak:

English, French

My Origin:

dont want to say


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