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Valentine’s Day – The Day of Love on February 14th

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day on February 14th is celebrated today as the festival of lovers. On the day of love, flowers, sweets and jewelry are traditionally given away to loved ones. The name of the festival is said to go back to a Christian martyr, but it is believed that the awakening of nature was celebrated in pre-Christian times. A time when singles like to fall in love and new couples find each other.
New life is also beginning to sprout in nature and the dark time of winter is slowly but surely over. Today hardly anyone is aware that the tradition of Valentine’s Day goes back to this circumstance. Nevertheless, the custom becomes every 14.02. just celebrated by couples, which is basically a nice thing.

How Can You Celebrate the Day of Love?

For both lovers, the most important thing is to spend Valentine’s Day on February 14th together with your beloved partner as a couple. Customs mean that you give yourself something for free – and this tradition should be cultivated, since women in particular are happy about gifts for the lovers‘ feast. When you are fresh in love, you tend to give a little something – a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a romantic dinner or some other common activity. This is an ideal opportunity to enjoy the togetherness, to get to know each other better and to find out whether you want to spend the next Valentine’s Day together.

What Shouldn’t Be Missing For Valentine’s Day on February 14th?

Anyone who has been together for a long time is welcome to spoil their partner with something special. A beautiful piece of jewelry or maybe even the longed-for marriage proposal may not exactly correspond to tradition, but it fits perfectly on this day. For the day of love, you should therefore collect ideas for a gift beforehand.
Couples should make time for each other on this day! A beautiful atmosphere with candlelight and atmospheric music can also establish a new, very unique tradition. It is important that the custom is continued, and not only at the beginning of a relationship when you are freshly in love, but for life. Even if nasty tongues claim that Valentine’s Day on February 14th was invented by florists, it’s a beautiful tradition that couples in love shouldn’t ignore.