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Break Up but How?

How to break up with someone

Once the butterflies in your stomach have disappeared and the rose-colored touch of the glasses has vanished, it usually shows whether a relationship will last or not. Because a happy relationship is ultimately based on everyday life being managed well together and not just enjoying the good things in life.
A relationship often fails because of precisely these mundane everyday tasks. But what is the best way to behave when you have drifted apart and a separation is inevitable?

Why Couples Split Up

The reasons for the end of the relationship are just as different as the people themselves. Whether infidelity was involved, the spatial separation was too great (key word long-distance relationship) or it was simply established over time that the views are too different: all of these are the most common causes of breakup.
It is important to know that a relationship never has to be compulsive just in order not to disappoint the partner. Because in the end this state of affairs is anything but acceptable for both parties and sooner or later it still leads to going separate ways. Honesty is therefore required. Both to yourself and to your partner.

How Do You Break Up Properly

Nowadays, social networks and news services are tempting to take the rather unsightly step of breaking up in a very impersonal way. But that is considered a taboo! Nobody should end a relationship via SMS, WhatsApp or Messenger. This is not only hurtful for the partner, but also disappointing. But how to break up with someone properly?
Anyone who no longer sees a future in the relationship should also bring this up clearly, and if possible in a personal conversation. There should be so much courage and decency.
The separation usually affects one of the two partners more painfully. Unless both parties agree and separate by mutual agreement. But that’s probably more of a rarity.
If the distance is too great and there is no possibility of meeting each other in person in the foreseeable future, picking up the phone should be the least thing you can do to draw the line.
It is a bit more complicated with married couples, on the other hand – especially if there are still children involved. The divorce of the marriage is not only a lengthy process but also usually costly and nerve-wracking.

If the desire for a separation is expressed and the relationship is over, a world usually collapses for the abandoned partner. How to cope with the new situation in life, here are some good tips for coping with the pain of separation.

Refrain From Accusations and Insults

When a breakup comes as a complete surprise, some people react quite emotionally. However, it is important to maintain a certain etiquette. Even those who are very hurt and disappointed inside should refrain from accusations and insults. If no way was found to communicate properly with each other during the relationship, you don’t have to try again during the time of separation.
Couples should try to be respectful of each other whenever possible. Even if it’s hard to part with. Nobody should forget that you have spent a certain lifetime with the once loved one and that there was certainly also a good time together.

We are also interested in your opinion on ending a relationship! How have you ended your relationships so far? What dos and don’ts are there for you? We look forward to your comment.