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Dating in the Time of Corona: Online Dating Is a Good Alternative For Singles

Dating in the Coronavirus Pandemic

Many people dearly wish to find a partner for life and began looking for a partner even before the current pandemic. However, the lockdown put an end to this project for the time being. Avoiding contacts is the order of the day in Corona times. During the crisis, life has been extremely restricted from one day to the next, so that social meetings in bars, discos and restaurants are difficult or impossible to implement.

Single Parties and Flirting in Public Area a Thing of the Past

So far, singles have very often used parties, clubs and discos for flirting. However, at the moment nobody knows when events such as single parties can take place again, as larger meetings or parties are still not allowed.

Numerous couples get to know each other in the world of work and then fall in love. In view of the increasing number of activities in the home office, this option for finding a partner is also not available during the Corona period, provided that you still have a job and are not unemployed.

Longing for Love in Quarantine: Avoid Loneliness, Boredom & Depression

What worries lonely singles during covid crisis are loneliness, boredom and, in the worst case, even depression. But what do you do as a single during the Corona crisis? Finding a new partner in times of Corona is extremely difficult for singles. Especially people living alone feel lonely and long for love in quarantine so that they do not have to spend this difficult time in the pandemic without a companion. Because all major challenges in life can be mastered better together and there is no feeling of loneliness and boredom. But how can dating and Corona or the search for a partner work in times of crisis? How do you find a new love in lockdown?

Dating During Corona – Is That Even Possible?

How to find the right woman or man for life in times of Corona? Is a date even possible and useful during Corona? If you want to find your dream partner for life despite the corona pandemic, you have to come up with completely new methods these days. Since a movie night or a romantic meeting in a café is not possible for the initial contact, online dating over the Internet is ideal for getting to know a new partner. No direct contact is required in the early stages of getting to know each other and when flirting. Rather, interested singles can initially sniff each other safely online, for example during a video date online, so that there is no risk of infection with Codiv-19. Online dating is therefore the best way to get to know someone in Corona times.

Where to Get to Know Someone as a Single?

Free dating sites like freshSingle are booming in times of Corona and are a safe way to make romantic, erotic or simply friendly contacts even during the pandemic. All you need is an internet-enabled device, for example a smartphone, tablet, notebook or PC. With the mobile devices, singles can even get to know each other on the net regardless of their location – and with freshSingle this is absolutely free of charge. In this way, you can meet singles for free during the corona pandemic and use many boring moments in everyday life to flirt, including long train journeys and other waiting times to keep your distance.

Registration is free of charge for dating sites like freshSingle, so that suitable singles for a video date can be found promptly. It is important to carefully create your own profile, which should look appealing. Hobbies, interests, preferences and other ideas regarding the partner search are given. A sympathetic photo, which should be as up-to-date as possible, is particularly important. Nobody does themselves or the other singles a favor to use age-old photos of themselves that no longer correspond to the current type. Thanks to a lot of personal information, other singles become aware of their own profile and are then curious enough to make their first contact.

Tips for Dating in Corona Times

Finding a partner via online dating is definitely the safest way for singles to continue to be socially active at the moment. In order to create a consensus between dating and Corona, caution is advised in all areas. Before the first meeting, it is essential to ask whether the dating partner notices symptoms of a cold at the time of the appointment, which indicate an infection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

Furthermore, it should be checked whether a trip to known risk areas with a high risk of infection has recently taken place. Any direct contact with a person infected with Covid-19 recently is also crucial. A romantic meeting is only advisable once these relevant aspects have been clarified before the date.

IMPORTANT: Wearing a mouth and nose cover such as a face mask or, better still, a respirator is mandatory for every date with strangers! It’s also better to avoid hugs and kisses on the first date for safety reasons.

Ideas for the Corona Date: Where to Meet & What to Do

For the first meeting after the online dating phase, walks in the fresh air or other activities in outdoor areas where there is no direct physical contact are suitable. If the meeting takes place indoors at home, ensure good ventilation and sufficient space. If you want to be on the safe side, do a PCR test together to completely rule out a disease with the coronavirus. Only then are physical contacts possible without the risk of infection.